For those who don’t want a standing desk, but still want to live the ergo life. Scroll down and enjoy.

We’ll start with laptops.

Forward neck posture
This is the wrong way to use a laptop, but the right way to create neck and shoulder pain.


This is the right way to use a laptop. Puts out a bit of a nerd vibe, but keeps your neck nicely aligned.


Now onto everyday office ergonomics.

Make sure your feet reach the floor. A good, stable base.



Leave a little space between the back of your knee and the front of your chair. Keeps that blood flowing.



This guy’s neck and upper back are doing all of the heavy lifting. They’ll be sore tonight.


Adjust the backrest so that the curve in your lower back is spooning the curve on your backrest.


Why so tense? Relax…





If you find yourself always squinting or lurching forward, your screen might be too far away. Usually arm’s length is about right.



Adjust your screen height so that the top of your screen is about eye level. Looks like a laser.


Make sure the edge of your desk isn’t bumping and grinding with your wrists.


Breezy on those wrists.


Walk as much as you can, as often as you can, all day.


A pushup or two couldn’t hurt.


That’s it! I hope that you found this to be helpful, or at least not harmful.

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